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You deserve a brand and website that reflects your personality and appeals to your ideal clients. I create that for you.

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What I Do


Your brand is your promise. From crafting your brand to designing and developing your website, ML Stuckey Consulting has you covered.

Digital Strategy

From developing your annual business goals to creating your complete strategic objectives, ML Stuckey Consulting is there to guide you.

Content and SEO

Having a presence on the web is only a part of the battle. Knowing the content and call to actions needed to be found on the web and bring customers to your door takes expert content and SEO.


Your business needs to understand who your customers are, how many of them exist, where you can find them plus how much it is going to cost to target them.


Without the proper tools to execute the job, it doesn’t matter what your message is, why you are communicating it or what it looks like.  You will be unable to connect or engage with your customers without appropriate technology.

Social Media

As a company, you don’t need to have a place on every social network there is. Know which network and message is needed for your business.

My Work

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What is Digital Brand Management

What is Digital Brand Management

What Is a Digital Presence? Digital brand management takes traditional brand management principles and applies them to customer experiences across multiple digital mediums.  Digital Presence Management (DPM), also known as Digital Brand Management, can be defined as...

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Does My Company Need a Website?

Does My Company Need a Website?

Many small companies run on a shoestring budget. I'm a small business owner myself. I know. Every single purchase a small business owner makes has to be evaluated and measured to ensure that it is a necessary expense. Essentially not just a want, but a true need. So...

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Hashtag? What’s a Hashtag???

Hashtag? What’s a Hashtag???

Many of us that are of a....well....certain age may very well wonder what this thing called a hashtag is.  If you never joined the Twitter or Instagram revolution, you also may wonder what a hashtag is.  What's a Hashtag? Simply put, a Hashtag is the pound sign (#)...

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